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Susceptible to suggestion.
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Susceptible to suggestion.
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Very susceptible to the opinions of others.
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Patient discussion about suggestible

Q. What are your suggestions? My sister is quite athletic. She loves to go riding. She is very fussy and irritable otherwise. She was in her 50s when she had a fall from the horse. For the past 5 years, she has been complaining of pain in her knee, upper buttocks, thighs, shoulder and elbow. Initially I thought it was to do with the fall and her age. Now she is having a very bad constipation and feels bloated. This is making her depressed. I will be taking her to a doctor soon. But I feel that she is showing some signs of fibromyalgia. Since all these symptoms point to this problem, what are your suggestions?

A. A medical doctor is the only one who could figure it all out.

The symptoms could be from arthritis which comes with her age.

Many women begin to have problems with osteoporosis in middle age.

Some medications for cholesterol have side effects with symptoms like you describe concerning pain in lower legs.

As far as depression from the change in lifestyle, she could consider going riding in a buggy with her horse. The riding could help with alleviating stress and help make her life more enjoyable again. Being around horses and animals is good therapy for many people. I know horses like apples and are easy to make friends with. If she has not been out and about with horses lately, some time there could be a very good thing. This is why visiting a zoo is so comforting to many or having a pet.

I don't know if anything in this reply will help anyone. I just had to give it a try.

Q. Do you have any suggestions for me? My dad keeps repeating himself the whole time about his past achievements. He goes on and on about how he helped to open a prestigious sports club that had produced many athletes and rugby players. He dwells on the past too much. He will clean the floor several times. He will yell at children sitting at side of the roads. He eats too many sweet things. He does not sleep at night or if he sleeps it’s towards the early hours in the morning. But he does wakes up early in the morning and will start to prepare omelets for us. I don’t know how he gets this much energy to work and talk. But this worries me. Is he heading towards a bipolar condition? Do you have any suggestions for me?

A. how old is he..? Bipolar disorder usually erupt earlier in life if he is more then 50 years old. if he is more then 60- there are others thing i would worry about. does he seems to forget where he is? are some of his stories are not fully true? you probably heard his stories before, anything changed..? if so- i would go to a Dr. and check it up, it might be Alzheimer or some sort. any way it might be best to let a Dr. see him.

Q. Your suggestions please. Hi everyone! I am happy and doing good. My pregnant wife who in second month gets disturbed due to noise around and she want to relax for some time. I thought of taking her to a Massage Centre but she feels that to be harmful during pregnancy. Your suggestions please.

A. A) Massage for pregnant woman is not at all a problem. Special spa for pregnant women’s is available. Spas can take care of them well as they are specially designed for them. Rather the massage will make her relax and she will feel her skin more enriched and healthy. Some spas do have prenatal massage package, please check with them. It would also be better if she go for some facial and scalp massage to relax.

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Weak and suggestible is also not an apt description of Rebekah, who shows more resolve in an hour than her husband Isaac does in his entire history.
Ward and Loftus (1985) found that introverts and intuitive individuals were more susceptible to misinformation, while Trouve and Libkuman found extraverts to be more suggestible (Schooler and Loftus 1993).
Building speakers sharpens one's critical listening abilities, I am sure, and I don't feel that I am easily conned, or overly suggestible; so why do I hear so clearly these areas of SACD superiority, and some reviewers don't here any at all.
We're very suggestible to numbers, just like we're suggestible to labels.
Whatever the situation is, the head coach should always begin by modeling the appropriate behavior, especially when dealing with painfully immature and highly suggestible individuals.
Co-accused Neil Blaney - already convicted for killing John McDonald in April 2000 in a hit and run incident - also tried to worm his way out of a conviction by telling the judge that he was "highly suggestible".
I have, however, managed to control that recurring sense of panic in the bottled-water aisle of the grocery store--back on the eve of 2000, I was so terribly suggestible that I stocked up on bottles of water so large that when one burst, the floorboards of an entire room were warped in the ensuing flood.
And so not only are they in a position to have their doors closed, it is suggestible that their own clients could sue them for malpractice for that kind of inadequate handling of the very important assets that are their documents.
(7) The findings indicate that suggestibility generally declines over the school years but that even adolescents can be significantly more suggestible than adults.
"After terrorist attacks, productivity is often affected -- there is absenteeism, people develop phobic avoidance of high buildings, people become more suggestible, they start grouping together.
She called this ruling "critical" because the facts of the case were "too bizarre to be believed." Between 1989 and 1992, Dudley administered dextromethorphan (a synthetic derivative of morphine) to Drummond and injected him with sodium amytal, a powerful and widely discredited sedative that renders patients suggestible. Drummond gradually became comatose and today requires around-the-clock care.
For some reason, which I believe I can guess, the churches want control of people when or while they are most vulnerable or suggestible. If they can't get them in school, then they can get them when they are hungry, or frightened, or ill, or homeless, or unemployed.