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a sweet carbohydrate of either animal or vegetable origin; the two principal groups are the disaccharides and the monosaccharides.
beet sugar sucrose from sugar beets.
blood sugar
1. glucose occurring in the blood.
2. the amount of glucose in the blood.
cane sugar sucrose from sugar cane.
fruit sugar fructose.
invert sugar a mixture of equal amounts of dextrose and fructose, obtained by hydrolyzing sucrose; used in solution as a parenteral nutrient.
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beet sug·ar

d-sucrose. See: sucrose.
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beet sugar

Sucrose obtained from sugar beets.
See also: sugar
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Sugar beet is also high in bio-flavonoids and has half sweetness than sucrose therefore more suitable for hyperglycemic patients (Vulic et al., 2012).
Preparation of Carrot, Sugar beet and Mint Ready-To-Serve (RTS) Beverages: RTS beverages should contain at least 10 to 15 per cent fruit juice/ pulp and 10 per cent total soluble solids ([degrees]Brix).
KDH13 was derived from the use of "gynogenesis," a tissue-culture technique in which the new sugar beet line got its start from the regenerated egg-cell tissue of a single, unfertilized female parent plant known to be resistant to the virus.
sugar beet plants irrigated with 75% water stress gave the highest plant height (23.89cm),root length (23.89cm), root diameter (2.63cm) and 1262kg/fed for productively.
The fact finding mission on sugar beet cultivation was organized by SMEDA in cooperation with Beet Tech Project Germany.
"It's not why did the ministry decide to [reinstate it now], it's why did they wait so long," said the general director of the Cooperative of Sugar Beet Farmers, Said al-Mais.
In the 1960s the studies relating to the feasibility of growing sugar beet for sugar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa showed bright prospects but during the last 53 years the cultivation and its processing was grim.
Sugar beet has a fairly wide adaptability and is relatively resistant to cold, withstand drought, and are not overly sensitive to salinity; however, productivity under unfavorable conditions is not high (Katerji et al., 1997; Petkeviciene, 2009).
Sowing sugar beets is underway at 17,900-hectare-plots in Turkmenistan,Trendreports referring to the Turkmen Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection.
They observed that prospect of commercial sugar beet farming in the region seems to be very bright which can contribute a lot in addressing the country's sugar deficit.
The first contract consists of three agreements with the Saudi Alkhorayef Group to cultivate sugar beet using the latest agricultural machinery, supplying 1,000 axial irrigation equipment and providing maintenance of axial irrigation systems.