sugar acids

sug·ar ac·ids

(shu'găr as'idz),
Acids, such as gluconic, glycuronic, and saccharic acid, produced by the oxidation of glucose.
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For example, Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutralizer toothpaste claims to deactivate sugar acids in plaque, said to be the number one cause of cavities, before they can harm teeth.
The company has recently launched products such as a toothpaste that promises to reduce harmful sugar acids in plaque before they attack the tooth enamel.
Low level of phosphate favors citric acid production, however, the presence of excess phosphate has been shown to lead to the formation of certain sugar acids, decrease in the formation of carbon dioxide and the stimulation of growth [12].
The sugar acids and their salts resemble the sugar in that they form soluble complex compounds with numerous substances.
The metabolism of microbes is modified so that they will convert plant biomass sugars into sugar acids and their derivatives.
By modifying sugar acids, it is also possible to produce compounds that may replace oil-based aromatic acids in the manufacture of thermosetting plastics and textiles.
Shave Cream -- Sugar acids clean the skin while aloe gently moisturizes through a close, even shave.
The Sugar Acid Neutraliser technology contains arginine to neutralize sugar acids and restore pH to healthy levels, while added calcium works with fluoride to strengthen and remineralize the enamel to help prevent cavity formation.