sufficient cause

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suf·fi·cient cause

an etiologic factor that guarantees that a result in question will occur; nonoccurrence of the result is proof that the factor is not operating.


in diseases, an agent, event, condition or characteristic which plays an essential role in producing an occurrence of the disease. Because there is nowadays much less certainty about what actually establishes a disease state it is becoming more common to use terms such as disease determinants, causal association, causal relationship. koch's postulates are no longer the sole criterion used in establishing causality.

constitutional cause
an inherent characteristic of the patient. Usually a systemic defect, e.g. protoporphyria.
direct cause
there must be no known variable intervening between the suspect factor and the disease.
endogenous cause
the cause comes from within the patient. See also constitutional cause (above).
exogenous cause
the cause comes from outside the patient, e.g. a virus infection.
indirect cause
all causes other than the direct cause (see above).
host cause
see endogenous cause (above).
necessary cause
a factor which must be present to produce disease; the disease does not occur unless the factor was or is present.
precipitating cause
the trigger mechanism that initiates the commencement of the disease state.
predisposing cause
a mechanism that makes a patient more susceptible to the precipitating cause.
primary cause
the principal factor in causing the disease.
secondary cause
a factor that assists the primary cause. A cause of secondary importance.
specific cause
the single cause in a single cause-single disease relationship.
sufficient cause
a minimal set of conditions and events which inevitably produce disease.
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In the grim Stalinist world of the KGB/FSB, revealing any one of these state secrets would be more than sufficient cause for relentless pursuit and execution.
Miller, 29, of Ushaw Moore, near Durham City, denies a charge of using abusive, insulting and threatening behaviour against another person and giving that person sufficient cause to be in fear of violence.
The book addresses the fact that environmental scarcity is not in itself a necessary or sufficient cause of conflict.
Officer observations, coupled with their background, training, experience, and knowledge of construction licensing laws, may provide sufficient cause to stop the vehicle and inquire further.
If Proposition 74 were to pass, two bad evaluations in a row would be sufficient cause for dismissal.
Portman also said that the US believes that the WTO panel report contains law errors that would provide sufficient cause for an appeal.
Suffolk-born, Scowcroft chalked up over 250 appearances for the team that, courtesy of a singularly puerile re-branding exercise, we now have to call the Tractor Boys - more than sufficient cause to identify him as a prime target for the Carrow Road wags.
At this point there's sufficient cause to break confidentiality and contact the woman's family, Dr.
The issue, evidently, is misappropriation of state funds in the electoral campaign, which is more than sufficient cause in Article 130 of the Constitution," said Harb.
Traditionally, just war doctrine has offered a number of now-familiar considerations for determining the justifiability of resorting to war and the attendant propriety of one's actions in prosecuting war: Is there sufficient cause to justify going to war?
The men could hardly believe what they heard us say about service to the poor being sufficient cause for our happiness in this life.
Allegedly bad ideas like the proportionalists' are the sufficient cause of the abuse mess.