sufficient cause

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suf·fi·cient cause

an etiologic factor that guarantees that a result in question will occur; nonoccurrence of the result is proof that the factor is not operating.
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Summary: Islamabad [Pakistan], June 29 (ANI): Prime Minister Imran Khan asked authorities to take stern action against hoarders and unprecedented prices hike without sufficient cause, authorities reported on Friday.
It has also been directed to develop a mechanism to check unscrupulous elements which charged disproportionate prices without sufficient cause, besides taking strict action against the hoarders.
It was considered more than sufficient cause to bomb Afghanistan back to the stone-age and to threaten other countries with a similar fate.
Vienna prosecutors said they would study the reports and decide whether there was sufficient cause to open an investigation, a spokeswoman for the prosecutors said.
In its May 6, 2019 report, Glass Lewis stated that: "In evaluating MNG's proposal to acquire the Company for $12.00 per share, we believe the board has sufficient cause to believe the MNG offer is not sufficiently credible to warrant further discussions between the two parties or to allow MNG to conduct confidential due diligence.
Lacson said he finds sufficient cause for concern since Filipino workers are in danger of losing their jobs as more Chinese get employed especially in the online gambling business.
There is sufficient cause for jubilation within PML N since the duo's mere presence is likely to begin healing the rot that was beginning to manifest itself in the Party and give it 'new heart'.
antitrust official Margrethe Vestager said her commission did not find sufficient cause to disrupt the deal in its investigation.
"Natural England issue licenses to control species where there is sufficient cause, such as hazards to human health as in this case in Shepperton.
The cost of repair may not be sufficient cause to cancel an escrow.
Any SLP filed before the Supreme Court at this stage, in my view, is likely to be dismissed by the Court on account of the long delay itself."He had, in his opinion, said that the record did not reveal any significant events or special circumstances which could be said to constitute sufficient cause for not approaching the Supreme Court within the 90 days permitted by law, or at any time thereafter in the last so many years.
The order further says that the Dar's bail guarantor, Ahmed Ali Quddusi, forfeited the surety bond, was unable to produce the acc-used and was unable to show a sufficient cause for not being able to pay the penalty.