sudomotor fibers

su·do·mo·tor fi·bers

postganglionic and cholinergic sympathetic nerve fibers that innervate the sweat glands.
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Left plantar and palmar sympathetic skin responses were absent on electrical stimulation, indicating sympathetic sudomotor fibers involvement.
Second, [alpha]-synuclein aggregates were reported in distinct subtypes of skin autonomic fibers, comprising pilomotor and sudomotor fibers. However, which fiber type represents the most accurate diagnostic target needs to be answered and potential pathology in vasomotor fibers needs to be unveiled.
Additional costaining with the cholinergic marker vasoactive intestinal peptide can be performed to specifically identify [alpha]-synuclein deposits in cholinergic sudomotor fibers. Figure designed by Dr.
The vasomotor and the sudomotor fibers exit the spinal cord at [T.sub.2-3] and pass through the sympathetic chain in order to synapse in the superior cervical ganglion.