suction lipectomy

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suction lipectomy

suction lipectomy


(li-pek'to-me) [ lipo- + -ectomy]
Excision of fatty tissues.

belt lipectomy

Surgical removal of rolls of fat that encircle the entire trunk. It is used to treat morbid accumulations of fat surrounding the abdomen. Synonym: circumferential belt lipectomy

circumferential belt lipectomy

Belt lipectomy.

submental lipectomy

Surgical removal of the fat that constitutes a "double chin."

suction lipectomy

See: liposuction

ultrasound-assisted lipectomy

The use of sound waves to disrupt fatty tissues so that they can be removed surgically. It is used in reducing the size of the breast during mammaplasty.

suction lipectomy

A cosmetic surgical operation is which unwanted fat is removed through small incisions using a blunt-ended metal CANNULA connected to a powerful vacuum pump.

Patient discussion about suction lipectomy

Q. What do you think about liposuction? Is it a safe operation? Is it affective in the long run?

A. Liposuction is an operation that changes your body. It is done if there are no other ways and you gained so much weight that it’s dangerous. It is not an “easy way to loose weight”. It has consequences – there are 2 kinds of fat tissues- the one that is outside and the internal one. If you will remove fat cells from the exterior and the fat that will enter your body from now on will have to be distributed in the interior. And that is not good. This is the problematic fat- the one that does most of the truble.

Q. What are the dangers of a liposuction procedure? I am nervous about my decision to do liposuction and wanted to know more about the risks in this procedure.

A. Liposuction complications may include: infection, extended healing time, allergic reaction to medication or anesthesia, fat or blood clots - clots can migrate to the lungs and lead to death, excessive fluid loss - fluid loss can lead to shock, fluid accumulation - fluid must be drained, friction burns, damage to the skin or nerves, damage to vital organs. The dangers of excessive liposuction include risks associated with removing too much fat from targeted areas at once, as well as having too much liposuction performed in a single day. Excessive liposuction can cause problems including dents, lumps, and sagging

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