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a digestive enzyme secreted in the intestine that catalyzes the hydrolysis of sucrose and maltose to produce glucose and fructose.
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su·crose α-d-glu·co·si·dase

(sū'krōs glū'kō-hī'drō-lās),
An enzyme catalyzing the hydrolysis of sucrose and maltose. The enzyme isolated from the intestinal mucosa will also act on isomaltose (that is, it contains a subunit that acts on isomaltose separately). A deficiency of this enzyme results in defective digestion of sucrose and linear α 1,4-glucans
Synonym(s): sucrase
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(so͞o′krās′, -krāz′)
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su·crose al·pha-d-glu·co·hy·dro·lase

(sū'krōs al'fă glū'kō-hī'drō-lās)
An enzyme hydrolyzing sucrose and maltose in a complex with isomaltase; hence, hydrolyzes both sucrose and isomaltose; found in the intestinal mucosa; a deficiency of this enzyme results in defective digestion of sucrose and linear α1,4-glucans.
Synonym(s): sucrase.
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an enzyme that catalyses the hydrolysis of SUCROSE into GLUCOSE and FRUCTOSE. Sucrase is contained in the SUCCUS ENTERICUS.
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Sucrase activity is the best indicator of the mucosal response to a GFD.
Maltase (EC, lactase (EC and sucrase (EC activities were determined using a glucose diagnosis kit based on the reagent glucose oxidase.
Validation results showed the correlation coefficients of the disaccharidases to be 0.98(lactase), 0.93(maltase), 0.95(sucrase), 0.86(Palatinase), and 0.88(Glucoamylase).
And, both spiders that have been analyzed for digestive enzymes (a tarantula and an agelenid) possess the enzyme sucrase (Pickford 1942; Mommsen 1977), which can digest nectar
Patients who suffer from CSID lack the necessary enzyme sucrase located in their gut that is required to digest sucrose (table sugar) which is in many foods.
Meal Time, a plant enzyme supplement meant to maximize the nutrient value of food, contains amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, phytase, cellulase, sucrase and maltase.
This chapter would have been improved with a brief mention of other malabsorption syndromes such as intestinal lymphangiectasia, transporter defects such as oasthouse syndrome and enzyme deficiencies such a trehalase and sucrase isomaltase deficiency The section on anorexia nervosa seems to be predominantly a psychological overview.
(Tokyo, Japan) has patented a gene encoding a protein constituting sucrose PTS of coryneform bacterium provided by amplifying a region existing downstream from sucrase gene in coryneform bacterium by the cassette-ligation mediated PCR to obtain DNA encoding sucrose PTS enzyme II, which is a protein defined in the following (A) or (B):
More recently, however, we found that La stimulated the activities of urease, acid phosphatase, and sucrase in the same soil to various degrees and inhibitory effects of La could not be observed up to 600 mg La/kg dry soil (Chu et al.
Later in 1994, Hun-Opfer and Mata-Segreda reported the inhibitory action of the extract on the ex-vivo hydrolytic activity of duodenal membrane-bound sucrase from albino rats, though no inhibition was observed on membrane-bound alkaline phosphatase, thus suggesting a specific interaction of the polysaccharide in the extract and the disaccharase.