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1. To draw a fluid through a tube by exhausting the air in front.
2. To draw a fluid into the mouth; specifically, to draw milk from the breast.
[A.S. sūcan]


[AS. sucan, to suck]
1. To draw fluid into the mouth, as from the breast.
2. To exhaust air from a tube and thus draw fluid from a container.
3. That which is drawn into the mouth by sucking.

Patient discussion about suck

Q. What does thumb or finger sucking mean in ADULTS? People watch the unusual behavior of a person and decide their disorder. I strongly agree, but here is a critical question for you all. What does thumb or finger sucking mean in ADULTS?

A. It’s not a show to enjoy and laugh! It means that whomever you are talking about needs to see a psychologist. I am not joking. Things we are supposed to out-grow but don't, i.e. thumb sucking, imaginary friends or bed wetting, can represent serious problems or mental blocks.

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Unfortunately, Everything Sucks! is a lesson in what happens when you get the details right (the clothes, the playlists, the slang, the hairstyles, the props) but then squander them on a story that feels decidedly stiff and half-finished.
He added: "So there you go, that's the Harry Moseley Cancer Sucks Challenge.
Most scientists believe that actually being sucked down a black hole is not a lot of fun.
COVENTRY has a new weapon in its battle against discarded cigarette butts littering the city streets - a vacuum machine designed to suck them up.
Leaves that fall on or near the air inlets get sucked onto the precleaner.
It's similar to what happens when you drink from a straw: When you suck, the air pressure inside your mouth becomes lower than the pressure outside.
Scheduled for release on 15 July, 'Your Marketing Sucks' claims that millions of dollars are wasted every year on advertisements that do not bring more revenue and profit.
and they sucked. Ask them yourselves, they got the crowd to shout, "Puddle of Mudd suck!" They just forgot to tell us how much they sucked.
A SOME children find it very comforting to suck their thumbs and it can be a difficult habit to break.
The bottom line is: Russia has sucked, sucks, and will suck." The headline writer, too, entered into the spirit of the Jan.
The smaller of the two guilty mite species is a microscopic tracheal mite that lives in the breathing tubes of adult honeybees and sucks their blood, causing adult bees to become disoriented and weak, and causing colony populations to dwindle.
Out on the street, (un)life is better, too: when the gangsta rapper at the pizza parlor hassles her, Kathy just takes him home and sucks his blood.