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October 6 2010 - Another fall in the beef price has shaken confidence in the future sustainability of beef enterprises, particularly for suckler herds which help ensure that farms can be restocked, according to EBLEX.
A suckler herd is where the calves stay with the cows.
All suckler herd owners will receive an extra pounds 29.50 per cow with additional support for herds on high ground.
There will also be a chance to view a suckler herd that was described by Scottish beef producers Jennifer Hislop and June Dowie as the "best commercial herd" they'd ever seen.
Nick and his wife kept hardy Welsh mountain sheep and an equally tough suckler herd of Gelbvieh and Welsh Black cows, as well as a small pedigree herd of British Toggenburg dairy goats.
THE search is on for the UK's top suckler herd, an annual award organised by the Beef Shorthorn Society and supported by supermarket Morrisons with PS1,500 at stake.
"Multiply that by the average Welsh suckler herd of 25 cows and it could be costing farmers as much as pounds 6,650-a-year in lost production."
The Halfords run a small suckler herd of South Devons and 1,000 Swaledale and mule ewes.
"When managing a suckler herd, I have always looked to the dairy sector for inspiration - getting their cows to calve as soon as possible and so on."
The family farm has around 700 sheep and a small suckler herd, which they keep on 150 acres of owned land at Dafadfa Isaf and rent approximately 100 acres.
The profitability of a suckler herd is directly related to the number of calves reared per cow served annually, Mr Mallon explained.