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1. To draw a fluid through a tube by exhausting the air in front.
2. To draw a fluid into the mouth; specifically, to draw milk from the breast.
[A.S. sūcan]


[AS. sucan, to suck]
1. To draw fluid into the mouth, as from the breast.
2. To exhaust air from a tube and thus draw fluid from a container.
3. That which is drawn into the mouth by sucking.

Patient discussion about suck

Q. What does thumb or finger sucking mean in ADULTS? People watch the unusual behavior of a person and decide their disorder. I strongly agree, but here is a critical question for you all. What does thumb or finger sucking mean in ADULTS?

A. It’s not a show to enjoy and laugh! It means that whomever you are talking about needs to see a psychologist. I am not joking. Things we are supposed to out-grow but don't, i.e. thumb sucking, imaginary friends or bed wetting, can represent serious problems or mental blocks.

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I just want to play for people, talk to them without feeling like I'm getting sucked dry by those that are angry or scared or need me to fit in to some mold that I don't fit in to.
Every day, these wetlands are drained for corporate farms, paved over for strip malls, sucked dry by channelized, mechanized waterways.
Diversions have been on hold since 1989, creeks that were almost sucked dry are flowing again, and court-ordered stream restorations are under way.
His servants are sucked dry of integrity and dignity, then thrown away like the rind of a squeezed orange.
Truth is the first casualty when fatcats pretend to champion the working people they've sucked dry with deregulated capitalism or racists blame migrants for jobs lost and low wages, instead of targeting a warped economy.
The underground water reserves have been sucked dry by decades of over-farming and waste.
BRITISH drivers are being sucked dry at the pump - because the Tories are still refusing to cut eye watering 70% taxes on fuel.
"We have not given enough thought and emphasis to economic justice, when the daily wage of the little people is being sucked dry by cartel-like or dominant and abusive behavior," he said.
Roots as in growing thousands of tons of them (known as Big Sugar) after letting our wetlands be sucked dry in what has been one of the world's worst water management scandals.
Grain yields are stagnating because there's less arable land left and because water reserves are being sucked dry. Due to a combination of all these factors, "what we now have is world grain prices that are double the price from five years ago ...
Our town has been sucked dry of jobs and sporting facilities that Huyton has reaped the benefits of.
And had the company not been sucked dry all these years, it would have made profits," said Kalos.