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1. To draw a fluid through a tube by exhausting the air in front.
2. To draw a fluid into the mouth; specifically, to draw milk from the breast.
[A.S. sūcan]
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[AS. sucan, to suck]
1. To draw fluid into the mouth, as from the breast.
2. To exhaust air from a tube and thus draw fluid from a container.
3. That which is drawn into the mouth by sucking.
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Q. What does thumb or finger sucking mean in ADULTS? People watch the unusual behavior of a person and decide their disorder. I strongly agree, but here is a critical question for you all. What does thumb or finger sucking mean in ADULTS?

A. It’s not a show to enjoy and laugh! It means that whomever you are talking about needs to see a psychologist. I am not joking. Things we are supposed to out-grow but don't, i.e. thumb sucking, imaginary friends or bed wetting, can represent serious problems or mental blocks.

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For this reason, NNS is often targeted in therapy for infants with an uncoordinated suck and/or feeding difficulties.
Learning to suck can be a challenging hurdle for preterm infants with restricted mobility, Dr.
So, if you have a return grille in the floor of your home, the return air is being sucked into your house from the basement, crawlspace, or attic.
The bugs are considered agricultural pests because they destroy the plant's seeds: They pierce the seed with their mouthparts and just suck the seed contents right out.
The Sixth Question: If it is established for us that there is no vacuum inside or outside this world, why is it that if the air within a flask is sucked out and the flask is inverted on water, water rises up in it to the end of its limit?
Tina sucked her pinky and ring fingers on her left hand, primarily while watching television, doing homework, riding in the car, or while in bed.
This is when children are most likely to suck their thumbs, she noted.
guzzling the milk or milk replacer, rather than having to suck hard for
Feed and Suck, two of the Web's longest-lived magazines, announced on June 8 that they had suspended publication and laid off their small staffs because they couldn't raise the funds necessary to keep going.
Each was told to suck on either a placebo or a lozenge with 12.8 milligrams of zinc acetate every two to three hours while awake for as long as they had symptoms.
The pacifier, a Minimam Newborn Orthodontic Pacifier by Ross Laboratories, #50486, was adapted so that a suck of predetermined strength activated a cassette tape recorder (Radio Shack CTR-62), via a pressure transducer, for a specified length of time.