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To make succussion.
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In gills, CAT activity was higher (P < 0.05) in organisms from control group C1 (21 nmol [min.sup.-1] [mL.sup.-1]), formulated with diluted ethanol, and C2 (20 nmol min-1 [mL.sup.-1]) formulated with ethanol diluted and succussed compared to To and the rest of the experimental groups (3-14 nmol [min.sup.-1] [mL.sup.-1]) (Fig.
(73) There are 1,286 drugs recognized in the HPUS, all but 39 of which are classified as "over-the-counter." (74) Although homeopathic practitioners use tinctures, most prescribe substances that have been serially diluted and succussed far beyond the point at which Avogadro's number would indicate that there are no molecules of the original substance left.
This diluted solution would then be "succussed" (i.e., rapped firmly against a hard surface such as a book) 100 times in order to "imprint" the energetic force of the arnica into the molecular structure of the liquid.
This University of Texas study was done to determine the in-vitro cytotoxic effects of homeopathically potentised Carcinosin 30C, Conium 3C, Phytolacca 200C, Thuja 30C, and succussed and unsuccussed negative solvent controls on MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 human breast adenocarcinoma cell lines in tissue culture and a normal human cell line in tissue culture.
Magnesia carbonica LM2 in a double-glass method (the medicine is diluted and succussed according to standard LM preparation procedures, then that resulting medicine is prepared a second time the same way) worked the best.
Researchers from the Department of Zoology, University of Kalyani, in Kalyani, India exposed mice (36 per series) previously treated with Arsenicum album 200C to material doses of arsenic and compared the response to mice pre-treated with succussed or unsuccussed control solutions, as well as 2 other control groups which did not receive any exposure to arsenic.
So taking a suitable impurity with a suitable host material (in the beginning a polar one) serial triturations (or succussed dilutions) should be carried out even far beyond the Avogadro limit, and the nature of the substance so obtained should be explored carefully.
Succussed and un-succussed waters were used as controls.