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See succus.


(suk'kus) plural.succi [L. succus, juice]
A juice or fluid secretion.

succus entericus

Intestinal juice.

succus gastricus

Gastric juice.
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We used total employees as the hospital size measure based on the following considerations: first, controversy exists as to employing the number of staffed beds or the number of licensed beds as the capacity measure (D'Aunno, Succi, & Alexander, 2000); second, assets measures may incur small variances given the number of non-profit hospitals in the sample; third, our present study focuses on the implementation of standardized hospital practice, and human factors should play a major role during the process.
15 I borrow Algarotti's letter of 28 September 1759, written to Prospero Pesci, along with his discussion of Algarotti's theory of capriccio painting, from Lionello Puppi, "Una citta che 'fabbricar potrebbesi' e la citta negata: divagazioni intorno a temi di 'capriccio architettonico' del Canaletto e del Bellotto," in Succi, Capricci veneziani del Settecento, pp.
The semantic differential technique is intended to measure the meaning of the concept under study (Osgood, & Succi, 1969; Osgood, Succi, & Tannenbaum, 1967).
nursing homes) (Alexander, D'Aunno, and Succi, 1996).
Musa'ad Al-Enezi told KUNA, on Wednesday, after his meeting with deputy head of ICRC's delegation in Lebanon Marco Succi.
Cecilia Zanin Palchetti (a) [1] Vera Lucia Szejnfeld (b) Regina Celia de Menezes Succi (c), Rose Vega Patin (a), Patricia Fonseca Teixeira (a), Daisy Maria Machado (c), Fernanda Luisa Ceragioli Oliveira (a), *
BEIURT, Jan 6 (KUNA) -- Deputy Head of Delegation at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Lebanon Marco Succi on Wednesday commended the hard work by the Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) in support of the Syrian refugees.
Subsequently, in a nationwide multicenter study, Succi showed that MTCT rates were around 7%, ranging from 6% in the South and Central-West to 15% in the Northern Region.
RCM Succi e MH Silva colaboraram no desenho do estudo na discussao dos resultados e revisao do artigo.
Ordinary least squares regression techniques were used to impute temporal gaps in the ARF data (Alexander, D'Aunno, and Succi 1996; Little and Rubin 2002).

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