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These data were used to: (1) determine differences in AM colonization associated with species origin (native and nonnative) and life form (woody and herbaceous), (2) reveal associations of AM colonization with above-ground functional traits to form a linkage with other functional approaches to plant ecology, and (3) understand the linkage of functional strategies to successional dynamics.
Early successional vegetation like that in forest gaps is an example of an ephemeral habitat produced randomly in the forest by intermediate disturbances (Lorimer, Frelich, & Nordheim, 1988; Young, & Hubbell, 1991).
The inheritance possession must not be confused with the notion of possession as the first does not imply the meeting of the two elements required by law to usurp, the actual possession and intention to possess the goods for himself, since this is about the exercise of successional rights (Baias et al, 2012: 1171).
Therefore, the soil fauna has been used as a biological indicator of soil quality in studies comparing the characteristics of its community in disturbed environments, in different degrees or successional stages, with more mature ecosystems that are considered as a reference (Decaens et al., 2004; Moco et al., 2005; Copatti & Daudt, 2009; Menezes et al., 2009; Cunha &
Breeding of chestnut-sided warblers in 2015 demonstrates the value of maintaining some early successional habitat in southern Indiana landscapes.
We hypothesized that geologic and topographic differences between the steep mountainous zones and the lower elevation hills (hereafter "ridge" and "foothills" zones, respectively) are differentially affecting successional dynamics of the park's MLPE.
Woody vegetation quantified within the riparian corridor was analyzed to understand interactions of flow of streams, geomorphology, and successional patterns associated with the distribution of vegetation within the community of the riparian zone along a coastal river and semiarid environment in southern Texas.
Successional planting is nothing unusual in the vegetable garden, but warm moist soil provides optimal growth conditions and Summer sown crops mature much faster than Spring sown crops; planting of peas, beans, calabrese, cabbage, spinach, leeks etc can still take place as well as the usual successional quick growing salad crops.
Forest successional processes are fundamental in recovering species compositions and forest structure after human modification and clearance (Bergeron 2000; Guariguata and Ostertag 2001), and are also vital in ameliorating the associated effects on soil properties (Bautista-Cruz and Del Castillo 2005; Li and Shao 2006; Maloney et al.
The floristic composition and structure of intermediate and late successional stages of a tropical dry forest (TDF) growing on limestone outcrops, situated in the southern portion of the Espinhaco Mountains, Southeastern Brazil, was studied In each fragment, three plots of 20x50m were delimited, totaling 0.3ha for each successional stage.