succedaneous tooth

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per·ma·nent tooth

1 of 32 teeth belonging to the second, or permanent, dentition; eruption of the permanent teeth begins from the fifth to the seventh year, and is not completed until the 17th-23rd year, when the last of the third molars appears.
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suc·ce·da·ne·ous tooth

(sŭk'sĕ-dā'nē-ŭs tūth)
A permanent tooth that succeeds an exfoliated deciduous tooth.
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succedaneous tooth

In dentistry, a permanent tooth that succeeds (replaces) a normally erupted deciduous tooth. It includes the premanent incisors, cuspids, and premolars. The deciduous molars are replaced by the permanent premolars, which are not succedaneous teeth.
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per·ma·nent den·ti·tion

(pĕr'mă-nĕnt den-tish'ŭn)
Adult dentition of 32 teeth, consisting in each quadrant of two incisors, one canine, two premolars, and three molars, in that order, from the midline.
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