, subvalvular (sŭb-val'văr, sŭb-val'vū-lăr),
Below any valve.
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Shprintzen-Goldberg syndrome with tetralogy of fallot and subvalvar aortic stenosis.
Subvalvar aortic stenosis corresponds to about 1% of congenital heart diseases.
Gersony, "Natural history of discrete subvalvar aortic stenosis: management implications," Journal of the American College of Cardiology, vol.
The valvitis constitutes the phenotypic feature of rheumatic carditis, hence echocardiographic documentation of valvar and subvalvar changes can be of significant help (10).
Stenosis was further classified as subvalvar, transvalvar and supravalvar (at the level of distal anastamosis).
Intracardiac defects comprised a single atrioventricular valve with a severely hypoplastic ventricle and severe subvalvar pulmonary stenosis (see Figure 3).
This technology translated into reduced cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) and cross-clamp (XC) times [11, 12]and enabled even smaller incisions with better valve and subvalvar visualization.
Functional obstruction of the left ventricle; acquired aortic subvalvar stenosis.
At surgery, there was an important destruction of the valvar and subvalvar tissue and the mitral valve was replaced by a biological prosthesis.
Congenital TV anomalies are found as spectrums of disease in which both the leaflets and subvalvar apparatus are often involved (1).