subungual exostosis

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sub·un·gual ex·os·to·sis

painful osseous outgrowths that elevate the nail of the great toe or fingers in young people.

osteocartilaginous exostosis

; osteochondroma; subungual exostosis benign, neoplastic pedicle of cartilage-capped bone, arising at the dorsal aspect or tip of a terminal phalanx in response to trauma; causes local pain and distortion of overlying nail plate; treated by surgical excision, after removal of the overlying nail plate; patients should be warned of 30% risk of onychocryptosis subsequent to nail plate regrowth
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Subungual exostosis occurs more often in toes than fingers, more often in girls than boys, and more often in children and young adults than older individuals, Dr.
Subungual exostosis of the toe--essentially an ossified cartilaginous cyst--is fairly common and is seen most often by podiatrists.