beneath the tentorium of the cerebellum.
Infratentorial: infratentorial hernations. From Betz et al., 1994.
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Under the tentorium cerebelli.
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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI-Intera[R] 1.5 T; Philips Medical Systems, Amsterdam, Netherlands) showed contrast enhancement of the meninges in the subtentorial region, on the right acoustic-facial bundle and on the left basal turn of the cochlea; no evidence of white matter hyperintensities, characteristics of cerebral vascular disease, was observed (Figure 1).
Como principio quirurgico se ha descrito que el manejo inicial de todo empiema subtentorial debe ser con craniectomia descompresiva suboccipital (1, 2, 9), especialmente cuando la coleccion se extiende hasta el angulo pontocerebeloso (9), haciendo hincapie en que los empiemas subdurales infratentoriales no son ni deben ser manejados con trepano (12) en el contexto de una patologia de rapido crecimiento con efecto de masa importante que genera compresion y repercusion clinica rapida, con repercusiones neurologicas importantes y una alta mortalidad de hasta el 45 % y con una morbilidad del 20 % a pesar del manejo agresivo dual (3, 4, 7).
On the whole, CCMs were observed in 77% in the supratentorial area and in 23% were subtentorial lesions.
The nidus might be located in any part of the brain, for example, supratentorial, subtentorial, deep, or superficial.
The cerebellum and brainstem weighed 13 g, whereas in the case of healthy, age-matched controls the weight of these structures is 17 g, indicating that the subtentorial part of the brain was also atrophic (Figure 1, A and B).
A variety of many factors like age, poor neurological status at onset, measured by Glasgow Coma Scale, larger than 60 [cm.sup.3] volume of hematoma, intraventricular extension of hemorrhage, anticoagulant treatment and subtentorial location increase the mortality .
Of 96 Foci, 84 were supratentorial, 12 were subtentorial. Enhanced MRI scanning showed that, most Foci had significant homogenous enhancement, shaping as multiple nodular or lumpy, and few had ring-enhancement.
Schmitt, "Cognitive impairment in isolated subtentorial stroke," Acta Neurologica Scandinavica, vol.
tumour, haematoma) may cause herniation of brain tissue through the tentorium into the subtentorial space, putting pressure on the midbrain.
Os achados macroscopicos foram restritos ao SNC e eram observados achatamentos das circunvolucoes do telencefalo, herniacao subtentorial ou cerebelar (Figura 1A), com atrofia do parenquima adjacente e hidrocefalia nos ventriculos laterais (Figura 1B).
Acoustic neuroma, because of its particular subtentorial location, is not associated with a high risk of increased intracranial pressure.
When the fungus was isolated, she was treated with amphotericin B and underwent postdrainage magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain, which showed multifocal brain abscesses, including subtentorial and supratentorial lesions (Figure 1).