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Substructure kinematics equation can be established by dividing the whole structure into several substructures.
m] is m x 1 vector size and is the acceleration CPS of the measured responses, typically at all the connections, for the passive substructure in the driving condition at the proving ground.
Figure 15 shows the contrast plots about the story drift of the substructure between isolated structure and LSC structure in X direction.
Next, the substructure and two-part mold were manufactured directly with the use of rapid prototyping techniques.
Numerical simulations were performed for three different lengths of a pulse: [lambda] = 30[DELTA]x, 90[DELTA]x and 180[DELTA]x for each analysed substructure composition.
7% Fe condensates (Figure 1c); however, the number of these crystals in the nanotwinned substructure is approximately halved (Figure 3).
Another firm, to be appointed soon, will build the "integrated topsides," which are to be installed on top MSE's substructure by the second quarter of 2003.
In a separate release, CAS announced that it has launched SciFinder Substructure Module (SSM), a new addition to its SciFinder desktop research tool.
I will say that a structure S is a (proper) substructure of theory T iff it is a (proper) substructure of some structure of T (for example, if T says that there are exactly 7 objects, five of which are quadrangular, two triangular, and two black, [S.
Once completed, the information from the two surveys will provide a complete model of the basin's substructure.
72 m 2 substructure for baffle, ka> 60%, 75 mm, 79 m 2 substructure for baffle wall, ka> 60%, 100 mm, 205 m 2 cavity insulation, sound-absorbing, mw, a2, 30 mm, 205 m 2 baffle wall covering, multiplex plywood board, 180 m 2 allowance baffle wall covering microperforated, 105 m ball rolling board, 430 mm, 114 m 2 substructure for acoustic wallcovering, 100 mm, 220 m 2 substructure for acoustic wall cladding, 50 mm, 334 m 2 wallcovering acoustic lamella, 5 st.