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Any layer or stratum lying beneath another.
[L. see substrate]
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(sŭb′strā′təm, -străt′əm)
n. pl. sub·strata (-strā′tə, -străt′ə) or sub·stratums
Biology A substrate.

sub·stra′tive adj.
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, substratum (sub'strat) (sub-stra'tum) [L. substratum, to lie under]
1. An underlying layer or foundation.
2. A base, as of a pigment.
3. The substance acted upon, as by an enzyme. See: enzyme
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For example, the polychaete Hydroides elegans (Haswell, 1883) settles and metamorphoses when in direct contact with the substratum, whereas larvae just 1 mm away show no response (Hadfield et al.
The effects of Sema3A on all substratum concentrations were not a consequence of changes in cell proliferation (Supplemental Figure 1 in Supplementary Material available online at
Cells adhere prostrate on the substratum, with the entire cell remaining close to the substratum surface [33].
During this phase some species go through radical changes in orientation relative to the substratum surface, while being attached only by the third antennular segments (Hoeg et al., 2012; Maruzzo et al., 2012).
The nitrogen and phosphorous present in the substratum become concentrated and more bioavailable thanks to the hydrolysis of proteins and fats during digestion, making the digestate an interesting soil amendment (see "Characteristics of Sewage Sludge, Lees and Digestate").
Moreover, Cl, K, Mg, Na, and S were present in all parts of the stipe regardless of the distance from the substratum. On the other hand, Cl, K, Na, P, and S were detected in all parts of the pileus regardless of the distance from center.
The adhesion failures in the coatings applied by Oxyacetylene flame spraying are presented due to the low cohesion of the anchor layers to the substratum or between these ones and the aftercoating.
The course is held at the SlipDoctors corporate office in Dallas, Texas and taught by Substratum. To download course information including cost and training agenda go to
We performed a redundancy analysis (RDA) of the abundant species for each fish assemblage against major substratum species.
Individual tub (40 cm x 32 cm x 13 cm) having 10 g of sundried and crushed soil mixed with tap water was prepared to serve as substratum for the microcosm.
The AP is a conditioning film that forms immediately after the substratum is exposed to the oral environment (4,5) by the selective adsorption of peptides and proteins from the saliva.
"Hence the substratum of the prosecution's case is fatally demolished, rendering any appeal, no matter how many times, a desperate act of futility," he added.