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Any layer or stratum lying beneath another.
[L. see substrate]


(sŭb′strā′təm, -străt′əm)
n. pl. sub·strata (-strā′tə, -străt′ə) or sub·stratums
Biology A substrate.

sub·stra′tive adj.


Etymology: L, sub + stratum, layer
any underlying layer; a foundation.


, substratum (sub'strat) (sub-stra'tum) [L. substratum, to lie under]
1. An underlying layer or foundation.
2. A base, as of a pigment.
3. The substance acted upon, as by an enzyme. See: enzyme
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Periphytic algal community in artificial and natural substratum in a tributary of the Rosana reservoir (Corvo Stream, Parana State, Brazil)
Because sparse neurite outgrowth was observed on two-dimensional poly-d-lysine substratum even in the presence of target tissues and the outgrowth was mostly random and non-directional, the next question addressed was: Is it due to a difference of substratum used?
Students have placed me almost always in either the upper middle (D) or, much less frequently, the lower upper (E) substratum (on only two occasions was I placed in substratum C).
The axenic method is considered expensive because the substratum has to be sterilized but it was not found any report comparing the feasibility of axenic and composting method for A.
cultural substratum has formal affinities with Pierre Bourdieu's
interface inspection between deposited layer and substratum.
Tests ran for 10 min, The arena was washed and the substratum was replaced between runs.
Substratum topographic heterogeneity and complexity significantly affect the abundance and development of epibenthic assemblages in estuarine and marine environments (Bourget et al.
All sturgeons captured have been associated with moderate to strong currents, depths of 13 to 45 feet (4 to 14 m), a sand or sand and gravel substratum, and structure in the form of sand reefs, dunes, or secondary channels.
But there is a substratum of physiological factors that can be measured scientifically.
Attachment is a complex process regulated by diverse characteristics of the growth medium, substratum, and cell surface.