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Substitutional nitrogen on an oxygen site alone is particularly interesting.
Firstly, for the neutral [S.sub.O], [S.sub.Ti] defect, and the complex [S.sub.O] + [S.sub.Ti] defect, the substitutional formation energies are calculated as the following equations [22]:
(I assume a theory of substitutional quantification that avoids the semantic paradoxes.) There are also ways to get the generalization without substitutional quantifiers.
In addition, XPS analyses [14, 15] revealed substitutional and interstitial nitrogen incorporated in the Ti[O.sub.2] lattice, which is in agreement with the theoretical investigations conducted by Asahi et al.
These findings are presented in Figure 7 and support the existence of a substitutional mechanism between offline and online interactions.
In this sense, they are arbitrary as well as substitutional.
Something substitutional? That as fraught as all teacher/student relationships are poised to be, this one is even more despondent?
The basis of the regular solution model is the assumption of the random distribution of heterogeneous atoms that form a solid substitutional solution along the sites of the corresponding sublattices.
Only substitutional sites have been considered for the GB and surface segregation of 4d and 5d impurities.
Our calculations confirm that one substitutional doping yields a paramagnetic material with a magnetic moment of 2 [[mu].sub.B], but only 0.70 [[mu].sub.B] on the C atom was measured within the Wigner-Seitz radius of 1.0 [Angstrom].
Therefore, in this work, the effect of the incorporation of copper substitutional atoms within hexagonal structure of the CdS through ionic exchange process in aqueous solution containing copper ions at room temperature was studied.