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1. a substitute; especially an atom, radical, or group substituted for another in a compound.
2. of or pertaining to such an atom, radical, or group.
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A functional group that has replaced another moiety and molecular entity.
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Q. the substitue ointment for lasonil

A. the active material in it is heparinoid, and if i'm not mistaken there are 2 other creams that uses it. just ask the pharmacist, he is the most qualified to help you.

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At present, in order to further clarify this and investigate the effect of substituent groups on assembly, we have measured the FT-IR spectra of xerogels of all compounds.
This work is organized to estimate theoretically the effects of methyl substituent and its position on carcinogenic activity of some methylated Benz(a)anthraceneses.
Replacement of hydrogens with substituents was done systematically beltwise, starting from the vertex antipodal to carbon.
From this comparative graph, it can be easily seen that how much the diffusion coefficient decrease down with substituent group and what is the extent of shift in reduction and oxidation potentials (and extent of shift in oxidation and reduction potentials).
Analyses of the UV spectra of ortho-substituted phenols is generally difficult [3] because several factors such as electrostatic effects of the substituent, resonance effects, inter- and intramolecular hydrogen-bonding interactions, and steric effects have been found to contribute.
Spectral data values are useful for study of effect of substituents using Hammett substituent constants, F and R parameters by single and multi-regression analysis.
Aspirin derivatives 1-12 with aryl side chain bearing alkyl substituents were prepared from the reaction of acetoxybenzoyl isothiocyanate with a series of commercially available methyl and methoxy anilines and alkylated anilines prepared via Williamson etherification.
Considering the positive intrinsic birefringence of PTFEMA, we estimated that the contribution of the ester substituent, C-C[F.sub.3], was positive.
After reviewing current procedures for synthesizing novel poly(organo)phosphazenes with specific properties, this slim volume examines the rate of hydrolytic degradation determined by the choice of organic substituent, and describes the use of polyphosphazenes as immunoadjuvants, scaffolds for tissue engineering, polymer therapeutics for targeted drug delivery, and injectable hydrogels for controlled drug release devices.
Les dispositions de l'article 39 de la loi de finances complementaire pour 2009 substituent l'extrait de role apure par l'attestation de situation fiscale.
In our reported work, the gelation properties of some cholesterol imide derivatives consisting of cholesteryl units and photo responsive azobenzene substituent groups have been investigated [34].
These two dyes were synthesized using aminoacetophenone diazo components having amino substituent at different positions (Scheme 2, Table-1).