substantia gelatinosa

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 [sub-stan´she-ah] (L.)
substance; used in anatomic nomenclature in naming various components of body tissues or structures.
substantia al´ba white matter.
substantia gelatino´sa the substance sheathing the posterior horn of the spinal cord and lining its central canal.
substantia gri´sea gray matter.
substantia ni´gra a dark layer of gray matter separating the tegmentum of the midbrain from the crus cerebri.
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ge·lat·i·nous sub·stance

the apical part of the posterior horn (dorsal horn; posterior gray column) of the spinal cord's gray matter, composed largely of very small nerve cells; its gelatinous appearance is due to its very low content of myelinated nerve fibers; spinal lamina II (of Rexed).
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substantia gelatinosa

(səb-stăn′shē-ə jə-lăt′n-ō′sə)
A narrow, dense, vertical band of gray matter forming the dorsal part of the posterior column of the spinal cord whose gelatinous appearance is due to its very low content of myelinated nerve fibers. It functions in the integration of sensory stimuli that give rise to the sensations of heat and pain.
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Furthermore, [GABA.sub.A] receptor-mediated postsynaptic currents were observed to be inhibited after substantially reducing the primary afferents in the substantia gelatinosa of the spinal dorsal horn [15].
The substantia gelatinosa of the spinal cord was viewed with an upright microscope (BX50WI, Olympus, Japan).
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It acts on NMDA (8,18,19) receptors in substantia gelatinosa of spinal cord synergistic effect of epidurally administered ketamine with bupivacaine (11) increases the duration of analgesia.
Neostigmine acts on Lamina 2 substantia gelatinosa of Rolando and on lamina 3 and 4, and cause stimulation of muscarinic receptors M1 and M2.
Epidural local anaesthetics and opioid when used in combination, they provide analgesia acting at two distinct sites--LA at nerve axons and opioid at the p receptor at substantia gelatinosa of spinal cord.
Its analgesic effect following intrathecal administration is mediated spinally through activation of post synaptic alpha 2 receptors in substantia gelatinosa of spinal cord and it works by blocking the conduction of C and A delta fibres, increase potassium conductance in isolated neurons in vitro and intensifies conduction block of local anaesthetics.
It also activates the descending inhibitory pathways (Medellospinal pathways) and there by decreases the release of nociceptive substances from substantia gelatinosa. (14,7)
(5) Fentanyl is a highly lipid-soluble, strong [mu]-receptor agonist and phenyl piperidine derivative (6) with a rapid onset and short duration of action like other opioids, fentanyl also acts upon the opioid receptors located in areas of brain and spinal cord (Substantia gelatinosa).
The injection of opioid into the epidural space provides analgesia by acting on receptors in lamina II, IV and V of substantia gelatinosa. Most uterine pain is conducted by A o fibres, some of which bypass opiate receptors in the substantia gelatinosa.

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