subsistence diet

sub·sis·tence di·et

a meager diet providing barely enough for sustenance.
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Researchers attribute this to the loss of a typical subsistence diet, abundant in polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants [50].
Tahor's written regulations describe women as disgusting and deserving of isolation and a subsistence diet. A husband may hit his wife for disobeying the "rebbe's" teachings.
He spends $38 a month for a subsistence diet of roti bread, lentils and, once a week, some chicken or eggs.
Their human hunters, known to archaeologists as the Clovis people, set aside their heavy-duty spears and turned to a hunter-gatherer subsistence diet of roots, berries and smaller game.
In North America, big animals including mastodons, camels, giant ground sloths and sabre-toothed cats all vanished, while their human hunters turned to a subsistence diet of roots, berries and smaller game.
"Their bodies and brain chemistry get so confused and play havoc with their moods." Louise, who trained as a psychotherapist as well as community development and family systems therapist, and has a specialism in addiction and eating disorders, says eating disorders are unknown in developing countries where most people can only afford a subsistence diet. "Here, we don't need to worry about waste and our relationship with food has changed," she says.
The remote Fort Chipewyan community, for example, has an eighty-per-cent subsistence diet. According to many Fort Chipewyan residents, the tar-sands mining is the principle cause of both the toxins in the water and the recent dramatic increases in the number of cancers and other diseases.
Concentrations of persistent organochlorine contaminants in bowhead whale tissues and other biota from northern Alaska: Implications for human exposure from a subsistence diet. Environmental Research 98:329-340.
The three men's subsistence diet parallels their language-less state.
However, one of the few epidemiological studies on eating a subsistence diet of arsenic-contaminated rice has linked it with an increase in bladder cancer.
The prisoners received a subsistence diet. Breakfast, for example, could be two pieces of black bread.