Beneath the sartorius muscle; denoting a nerve plexus and a fascia.
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Subsartorial adductor canal vs femoral nerve block for analgesia after total knee replacement.
Anatomy and clinical implications of the ultrasound-guided subsartorial saphenous nerve block.
[18], whereas the needle positioning was accomplished under ultrasound guidance using a subsartorial approach with the visible local anesthetic spread around the femoral artery.
(34-36) Within the proximal third of the thigh, the nerve enters the subsartorial, adductor or Hunter's canal, which is formed by a fibrous band spanning between the vastus medialis and the adductor magnus and adductor hiatus (Figure 4).
In addition to the saphenous nerve, contents of the subsartorial canal include the femoral vessels, the nerve to the vastus medialis, and other motor branches.