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n the set of instructions necessary to direct the computer to carry out a well-defined mathematical or logical operation; a subunit of a routine.
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The idea of parallelization using the MPI is that we divide the problem into independent parts and data, which is required to operate that part independently, then it is shared and communicated with the help of MPI subroutines to different computers.
Also, software modules and subroutines can sometimes become stand-alone applications, and software applications can sometimes be recategorized as being able to establish an environment.
EXTVOL calls a subroutine (LEBC) to apply Lees-Edwards shear boundary conditions.
Finally, inside this subroutine, type in the message or input box function that you want.
The globally available (common to and useable by all) clipboard was then accessed by the research program, which retrieved the data to a local variable and wrote the information to file (Listing # 3, Subroutine #3, #4).
The equations, very complicated in Schoy's first 1913 paper, are quite simple if one has a spherical direction subroutine, namely X = [DELTA][lambda], Y = X*Tan ([pi]/2 - [THETA]), where [THETA] is the spherical direction to places on the sphere and on the map (the azimuth from the map center).
NEXT is a subroutine that uses SHIFT to look at the next parameter on the command line.
The U2 Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio are a collection of features that integrate seamlessly into users' Visual Studio development environments so that they can work with U2 objects such as tables, views, and subroutines.
In connection with the testing of new or significantly improved methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, including the use of technologies of personalized medicine in the subroutine 3 "Development and implementation of innovative methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment, as well as the foundations of personalized medicine," made the new main event 3.
According to the defect occurrence and its defect intensity, the system internally calls to a specific subroutine and to its inference engine.
This opens a window on the right side of the VB editor into which you will enter the automated e-mail code as a subroutine called Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate().
Additions to the program include a subroutine to calculate the cost of reagents formulated in the laboratory or of reagents purchased in bulk, and an optional calculation of indirect costs as an assigned percentage of direct costs.