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1. A regularly performed behavioral sequence.
2. A standard method of completing a procedure, based on rules or habit. In occupational therapy a customary morning routine might include toileting, bathing, grooming, dressing, eating breakfast, and reading the newspaper.
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Q. Why is Colonoscopy Important? I am 60 years old and my doctor recommended that I would do a colonoscopy. She said it is because it's important to do this routinely at this age. Why is it so important?

A. Colonoscopy is a procedure that enables an examiner (usually a gastroenterologist) to evaluate the appearance of the inside of the colon (large bowel). This is accomplished by inserting a flexible tube that is about the thickness of a finger into the anus, and then advancing it slowly, under visual control, into the rectum and through the colon. It is performed with the visual control of either looking through the instrument or with viewing a TV monitor.

This test may be done for a variety of reasons. Most often it is done to investigate the finding of blood in the stool, abdominal pain, diarrhea, a change in the bowel habits, or an abnormality found on colon x- ray or a CT scan. Certain individuals with previous history of polyps or colon cancer and certain individuals with family history of particular malignancies or colon problems may be advised to have periodic colonoscopies because they are at a greater risk of polyps or colon cancer. Hope this helps.

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Actually, rule (9) determines that [Sigma](P' + 1) is a successor of [Sigma](P) only when the jsr instruction at address [Sigma](P') calls subroutine [Sigma](S) and the M-type [Phi] records that local variable [Sigma](X) at address [Sigma](P) has type [Sigma](<S>).
The auxiliary subroutines currently include: F90_PSDSCALL Allocates and initializes communication descriptors data structures on the basis of the user information that is provided through the subroutine PARTS; CALL F90_PSDSCALL(M, N, PARTS, DESC_A, ICONTXT)
The type (ret-from L) is introduced to indicate the type of an address to which subroutine L may return.
Additionally, the interventionist spent the majority of the session following the child's lead, with explicit trials delivered every 2 min during the second subroutine. This procedure aligns with the NDBIs described by Schriebman and colleagues (2015), wherein behavior analytic practices are embedded in an interactive play-based context that replicates the natural antecedents and consequences a child may experience outside the clinical setting.
Results show that the numerical method which takes into account the damage provides a better approximation for the experimental data over almost the whole range of the curve which illustrates that the USDFLD subroutine could effectively predict the relaxation damage process of asphalt mixtures and provide new support for crack control of asphalt pavements.
Lacking preprogrammed subroutines, people in a stressful situation just stand there, unable to act.
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Section 2 describes the background and relevant work of subroutine entry point recognition on binary programs.
Those material constitutive equations are written into the ANSYS UserMat Subroutine. The UserMat subroutine is used to define a material's stress-strain relationship and applies to any analysis procedure involving mechanical behavior.