Beneath the placenta; denoting the decidua basalis.
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Color Doppler US helps differentiate a normal subplacental venous complex with nonpulsatile, low-velocity venous blood flow waveforms from markedly dilated peripheral subplacental vascular channels with pulsatile venous-type flow, which suggests PAS.
we apply color Doppler US to the retroplacental-myometrial interface and the uterovesical interface to evaluate for abnormal subplacental and uterovesical hypervascularity, defined subjectively by the presence of striking amount of color Doppler US signals in the placental bed, with numerous, closely packed, tortuous vessels demonstrating multidirectional flow and aliasing artifact.
The normal placenta in the second trimester is homogeneous in echotexture and is separated from the more hypoechoic myometrium by a thin subplacental clear space [6].
In more advanced pregnancies, MR optimally demonstrates findings of placenta accreta spectrum, which may include thinning or absence of the subplacental myometrium, aberrant vessels, focal bulging of the uterine contour, and invasion of the urinary bladder or anterior abdominal wall.