suboccipital region

sub·oc·cip·i·tal re·gion

upper back of neck, inferior to occipital region of head and above the level of the second cervical vertebra; overlies (or includes, deeply) the suboccipital triangle.
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Palpation of the suboccipital region demonstrated increased muscle tone on the right compared to the left.
Combined physiological rotation (C2-C3), side bending and extension was equal bilaterally and pain free on the right and she had normal muscle tone in the suboccipital region on palpation.
By the time we reach the suboccipital region we should be pressing nearly directly cephalad (Figure 1).
Examination revealed low-grade pyrexia (38[degrees]C) and the presence of a diffuse, minimally tender, nonfluctuant swelling that measured approximately 6 x 6 cm in the right suboccipital region.
Although very effective for tension headaches, working the suboccipital region has sometimes been observed to worsen vascular headaches, perhaps because it may increase cranial circulation.
The suboccipital technique is used to release myofascial restriction in the suboccipital region.