A basic nitrate; a salt of nitric acid having one or more atoms of the base still capable of combining with the acid.
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In sequence, the lanthanum oxide (R.G., Vetec) and basic bismuth subnitrate (R.G., Dinamica) were dissolved with nitric acid (R.G., Vetec) in separate flaks and finally added to different solutions, in order to result in six different compositions, as show in Table I.
Various materials are used for nasal packing as Bismuth subnitrate iodoform paraffin paste gauze, simple Vaseline gauze etc.
Bismuth subnitrate in concentration from 2 to 8% produced ware from gray-to-brown colors.
Standard bismuth(III) solution, 3.3 x [10.sup.-3] M, was prepared by dissolving 0.4824 g of bismuth subnitrate (Evans, united kingdom) in 5 mL of conc.
Pellitol contained zinc oxide, calamine, bismuth subgalate, bismuth subnitrate, resorcinol, echinacea fluid extract, and juniper tar.
Ultrathin TEM sections (600 A) were cut from representative foci of demyelination from the toluidine blue-stained semithin sections and mounted on 200 mesh copper grids, stained with uranyl acetate and bismuth subnitrate, and viewed under a JEOL JEM 1010.
Lustre Glaze Recipe I Lead Basilicate 20% Colemanite 6% Boric Aside 15% Potasium Feldspar 18% Flint 12% Soda 30% add: Silver Nitrate 1% Bizmush Subnitrate 1% Rutile 2% Tin Oxide 1% Lustre Glaze Recipe II Potasium Feldspar 33% Borax 37% Whiting 11% Soda 6% Flint 11% add: Silver Nitrate 1% Bizmush Subnitrate 1%
Following irrigation, the entire lesion was packed with 1/2-inch gauze impregnated with bismuth subnitrate, iodoform, and petrolatum paste.
Solutions for TLC development of the basic drugs included TLC developing solution (30 mL of methanol, 15 mL of water, 870 mL of ethyl acetate), TD A-1 (25 mL of 37% formaldehyde), TD A-2 (250 mL of concentrated sulfuric acid), and TD A-3 (modified Dragendorff's reagent--add 10 mL of glacial acetic acid to Ansys-supplied proprietary vial of potassium iodide/iodine/bismuth subnitrate and dilute with deionized water to a volume of 250 mL).
According to Macsil, sales of the ointment--a mixture of zinc oxide, bismuth subnitrate and beeswax--rose by from 15% to 20% during the past year to around $3 million.