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, submucosal (sŭb-myū'kŭs, -myū-kō'săl)
Beneath a mucous membrane.
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(7-12) During this period, Meier-Ruge and colleagues reported that abnormal AChE-positive innervation is an unreliable diagnostic feature after age 9 months, emphasized that submucosal ganglion cell hyperplasia was the key diagnostic feature of IND B, and commented that:
Out of these 17 cases, in 12 cases the biopsy report was suggestive of submucosal fibrosis.
Postoperative laryngoscopy performed at the time of decannulation showed resolution of the submucosal mass (Figure 5).
Unlike that report, we here describe the successful and unique application of ENUS-TNNA for the diagnosis of a primary submucosal nasopharyngeal lesion.
Hybrid ESD is a procedure wherein submucosal dissection is performed circumferentially until approximately [less than or equal to]1 cm of the tissue is remaining, which is then resected with the snaring method (21).
Submucosal tumors are not as common as other types, but when they do develop, they may cause heavy menstrual bleeding and trouble in conceiving.
It is possible that in some of these cases there was an initial concern for deep submucosal invasion that caused the endoscopist not to attempt polypectomy and refer the patient directly for surgical resection.
A very similar number of SP-LI neurons were observed in the submucosal plexus (SmP) of the corpus (23.74 [+ or -] 0.80%) (Figure 4, Figures 5(a)-5(c)).
Low-magnification microscopy confirmed the invasion of the submucosal layer (Figure 3), whereas at high-magnification microscopy revealed cuboidal tumor cells with round to irregular-shaped nuclei, a prominent nucleolus, and clear cytoplasm characteristic of GCED (Figure 4(a)).
Metastatic esophageal tumors are usually located in the submucosal layer [7]; therefore, esophagography and endoscopy show severe luminal stricture with normal overlying mucosa, which often complicates histological diagnoses.
With the advent of the submucosal tunneling technique, endoscopic application has been expanded.