Smaller than 1 mcm.
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In addition, submicronic structures resulted from the aggregation of the composite particle which occurred during the drying process can be observed.
Tirado, Submicronic particles of manganese carbonate prepared in reverse micelles: A new electrode material for lithium-ion batteries.
Silica fume is a by-product and generally shows a wide particle size range from submicronic particles to a few tens of microns.
In the present study, we have studied the effect of fluorescent magnetic submicronic polymer nanoparticles (FMSP-nanoparticles) alone and in combination with clove extracts on human breast cancer cells (MCF-7).
In recent years, due to X-ray computer tomography CT-scan and Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB-SEM) imaging, it become possible to acquire 3D models of porous opaque materials with submicronic resolution (from 40 [micro]m down to 5-10 nm).
Galarraga and P Pereira-Almao, "Hydrocracking of athabasca bitumen using submicronic multimetallic catalysts at near in-reservoir conditions," Energy and Fuels, vol.
In the present case, two samples were synthesized with a residence time of 7 s (micronic HMMS) and 144 s (Submicronic HMMS), respectively.
The therapeutic effectiveness of an inhaled drug depends on a number of factors, but in particular how much bypasses the oropharynx and deposits in the lungs.4 While inertial impaction occurs in the upper airways and in the first few generations of bronchi, distally, as the cross-sectional area of the airways increases, airflow velocity decreases and becomes more laminar and deposition of the inhaled submicronic particles becomes dependant on gravitational sedimentation4, provided that they are not exhaled.5 As such, it may prove important for CF patients to engage in techniques that slow and deepen tidal breath, thus increasing dwell time.
Actually, all the synthesized gold-dendrimer nanocomposites present a high capacity of generating porous nanocrystalline structures, with porosity resulting from the assembled particles often displaying submicronic and even nanometric sized internal channels.
Keystone Filter, a Met-Pro Filtration/ Purification Technologies Company, has introduced a patent-pending line of 222 Giant industrial filter housings and cartridges that offer submicronic filtration in a low cost, high surface area configuration, with a unique double 222 o-ring seal to ensure integrity and safety.
The principle of developing (super)plasticity through SPD relies on the properties varying inversely with the submicronic grain size.
Smits, "Impact of silane on dispersion and performance of submicronic filled polymers." Rubber World, Vol.