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A type of torture in which the victim’s head or body is immersed in excrement and urine
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There's one thing," he added, sipping his port, "there isn't a job in the world I'd sooner take on than submarine hunting."
Here's a fellow like Granet, a keen soldier and one of the best, doing all he can for us on land but a bit worried about our submarine danger.
While we were attempting to lower boats, the submarine emerged and trained guns on us.
The submarine was withdrawing toward the north, but all the time it was shelling the open boats, three of them, loaded to the gunwales with survivors.
I told her, then, as well as I could, all that I had seen--the submarine shelling the open boats and all the rest of it.
I had published in France a work in quarto, in two volumes, entitled Mysteries of the Great Submarine Grounds.
Submarines, generally, are considered as offensive platforms around the world.
Submarine AIP system allow diesel-electric submarines to recharge their batteries without running their engines.
"The large anti-submarine ship Severomorsk and the Admiral Gorshkov frigate have formed a search and attack surface group for the execution of combat-training tasks in searching for mock enemy submarines in the Baltic Sea.
Columbia-class ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) are being constructed by General Dynamic subsidiary Electric Boat for the US Navy in collaboration with Newport News Shipbuilding.
The nuclear submarines enjoy an edge over conventional submarines because they can stay underwater for a much longer period of time, thus making it difficult for the enemy to locate and hunt them.
Detection of submarines, in this manner, reduces the crisis stability that has prevented both India and Pakistan from launching strikes against each other so far.