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A type of torture in which the victim’s head or body is immersed in excrement and urine
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There's one thing," he added, sipping his port, "there isn't a job in the world I'd sooner take on than submarine hunting.
Sounds all right," he admitted, "but for sheer excitement give me a misty morning, the bows of a forty-knot destroyer cutting the sea into diamonds, decks cleared for action, and old Dick in oilskins on the salute--'Enemy's submarine, sir, on the port bow, sir.
Here's a fellow like Granet, a keen soldier and one of the best, doing all he can for us on land but a bit worried about our submarine danger.
The submarine was withdrawing toward the north, but all the time it was shelling the open boats, three of them, loaded to the gunwales with survivors.
I told her, then, as well as I could, all that I had seen--the submarine shelling the open boats and all the rest of it.
I had published in France a work in quarto, in two volumes, entitled Mysteries of the Great Submarine Grounds.
Summary: State-of-the-art technology utilised for construction of Scorpene class submarines has ensured superior stealth features
The state-of- the-art technology utilised for construction of the Scorpene class submarines has ensured superior stealth features such as advanced acoustic silencing techniques, low radiated noise levels, hydro-dynamically optimized shape and the ability to launch a crippling attack on the enemy using precision guided weapons.
The Presidents Colour was received by Rear Adm Veenam Srinivas Flag Officer Submarines on behalf of the Submarine Arm at a splendid ceremony at Eastern Naval Command, Visakhapatnam.
These submarines were a part of a fleet that was used to keep allied boats in check.
The stealth capabilities of Russia's new Lada-class diesel-electric submarines far exceed those of their predecessors, Admiraty Shipyard's CEO Alexander Buzakov told the Russian press, Sputnik reported.
According to media reports, Pakistan will acquire eight submarines from China.