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A type of torture in which the victim’s head or body is immersed in excrement and urine
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"One of the great challenges for any submariner is for the families left behind who have no idea where you are, what you are doing.
It has been suggested that the McQueen estate acted unfavorably because of an endorsement contract with Tag Heuer, a Rolex competitor; and the fact that Chad McQueen had two Rolex Submariners inherited from his father.
In 1965's Thunderball, Bond uses a Submariner to tell the time but when he needs a Geiger counter, he turns to a Breitling Top Time.
After volunteering to join the submariners in 1943, he served on various submarines, patrolling off Port Vendres, Toulon and Marseilles.
To deliver maximum value to submariners, we feel it is important to engage with the fleet and try to empathize with the challenges they face on a daily basis.
And why this particularly nasty dating trend is called "submarining" is because the submariner's actions mimic that of a submarine which floats on the ocean for a time period before disappearing under the water.
at the time, certainly not This fellow catching submariner Melling, 97 " Police said Harry was being supported by a large extended family of nieces and nephews.Detective Sergeant Phil Housley called the robbery an 'horrific incident' and issued a fresh appeal for information.
The Freeman Hospital-based charity, which supports people with cancer, helped Redcar submariner JJ during his treatment for Ewing's sarcoma.
"Within six weeks of being there, I wanted to talk with the [executive officer], I wanted to be a submariner, and I wanted it in my record that I was a submarine volunteer," Patterson recalled.
Here are my thoughts on the Submariner (Ref.114060) and how it compares to my favourite dive watch, the Seiko SBDX001 aka MM300.
Sailors are required to put in this bit while for officers, it takes six more months to achieve the dolphin badge - ultimate insignia for a submariner.
All you really need to say is Submariner to win that instant look of recognition and envy that's half the reason people drop $8,550 on a wristwatch anyway.