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A type of torture in which the victim’s head or body is immersed in excrement and urine
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I told her, then, as well as I could, all that I had seen--the submarine shelling the open boats and all the rest of it.
Of recent years we have specialized on submarines, which we have built for Germany, England, France and the United States.
Here's a fellow like Granet, a keen soldier and one of the best, doing all he can for us on land but a bit worried about our submarine danger.
I can't see how you can deal with submarines at all.
Thomson kept close behind Ralph Conyers and Captain Granet, who were talking no more of submarines, however, but of the last ballet at the Empire.
A submarine s combat system is essentially the eyes, ears and sword of the boat, said Raydon Gates, chief executive, Lockheed Martin Australia & New Zealand.
During the DSA-2014 international arms forum in Malaysia, the Malaysian navy also expressed interest for the submarine.
A submarine fiber cable with a high-capacity communication capability is an essential wireline communication medium between two continents, countries, or islands.
The RIA-Novosti quoted Novoselov saying that battle robots will be released by the submarine alongside underwater drones, reported (http://nextbigfuture.
Nevertheless, despite the rapidly increasing number of countries buying submarines and counter to conventional wisdom, I argue that the threat to international security from the current submarine proliferation around the world may have been exaggerated.
This is a historic step toward equality, and also enables the Navy to capitalize on an untapped talent pool for the submarine community.
Left with a dwindling fleet that comprises ageing Russian Kiloclass and German HDW conventional submarines and bogged down by two major accidents, the Navy had sounded alarm bells about losing out to adversaries like China and Pakistan, which are building up their submarine fleets.

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