Below or beneath the structure facing the lumen of an organ.
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For example, if we send a wave packet which is governed by a subluminal dispersion relation, backwards in time toward the horizon, it reaches a minimum distance of approach, then reverses direction, and propagates back away from the horizon, instead of getting unlimited blueshift toward the horizon [40,41].
Thus, to include the subluminal diapason into the set of "allowed velocities", we may apply following condition:
Hypnosis is an entirely natural mental state congenitally existing which one's ability to increase taking subluminal message by moving away environmental and mental stimuli, for a certain period of time.
Stapp has explored both cases for superluminal propagation or subluminal connection issuing from the points in common to the backward light cones coming from the two regions (Stapp, 1976; Stapp, Nadean and Kafatos, 1999).
Various techniques and approaches have been explored to accomplish the tunable and large group delay in order to achieve the extraordinary phenomena described as "subluminal effect" and "superluminal effect" in various frequency ranges, like electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) systems [6], weakly absorbing dielectric [7], Fabry-Perot cavity configuration [8], metamaterial slab [9], and so on.
A large class of spatiotemporally nonsingular localized luminal, subluminal and superluminal pulsed solutions to this equation can be derived.
The family of subluminal circular orbits [20] is parametrized by [theta], and for quantum Bohr orbits it turns out that [theta] [??] [10.sup.-2] [26, 27].
AMACR typically showed circumferential and subluminal or cytoplasmic finely granular red staining in the secretory epithelial cells in prostate cancer and High-Grade PIN glands, whereas CK5/ 6 typically showed dark brown staining of the basal cells in the Benign glands and High-Grade PIN glands.
This is an indication that the sound speed is subluminal; that is, the sound speed never exceeds the speed of light, which is a fundamental postulate of the Einstein theory of the gravitational field.
The existence of subluminal, superluminal, and even "backward light" does not violate causality, because causality is determined by the information of a wave that is contained in the "front" of a pulse of light and not the associated group velocity.
Possibly Einstein's mathematical representations work adequately to represent physical phenomena at subluminal speeds, but do not adequately represent physical processes at superluminal speeds.
This infiltration is confined solely to the lamina propria, and the subluminal tunica propria is not affected.