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Kupperman score and subjective symptom score were lower than those in group B and C before treatment.
We compared subjective symptoms in patients treated with IFN-[beta] + Mao-to (combination group) to those of patients treated with IFN-[beta] alone (control group) (Table 3).
Keio University first introduced a browser-based questionnaire in 2008 that collects patient's subjective symptoms and changes in symptom severity via visual analogue scales (VAS), life styles, Western and Kampo diagnoses, and prescribed Kampo formulas.
Facility residents (either roommates or other residents, 29.6 percent, n = 16) were identified as causing subjective symptoms of feeling better almost as often as facility staff (33.3 percent, n = 18) during mild episodes.
Results of subjective symptoms and other miscellaneous parameters are reported in Table 2e.
A significant improvement in subjective symptoms were observed in subjects who were on hydralazine plus nitrate arm when compared to conventional therapy arm (p= 0.049).
Other complications, including shunt breakage, overdrainage, and subjective symptoms, were reported by 36% of respondents.
When asked the reasons why they did not go, 61.3% answered that they did not have any subjective symptoms, followed by "too much of a bother" (37.2%) and no time (27.7%).
Although no specific form of genital mutilation has been linked to a repeated urinary tract infection, repeated subjective symptoms of UTI (more than three episodes) were significantly more common among cases than controls (41% vs.
Objective and subjective symptoms lasting 1-3 months define acute PTSD, and symptoms lasting more than 3 months define chronic PTSD.
Subjects taking anticholinergics also reported fewer subjective symptoms of overactive bladder (relative risk [RR]=1.41; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.29-1.54).
Two hours following the field examination, the pilot's subjective symptoms had abated.

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