subjective health status

subjective health status,

n an analysis of an individual's concerns and attitudes about health and illness and predictions about treatment outcome.
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The objective of this study is to analyze the rate of stressful life events and psychosomatic symptoms among students smokers and non-smokers and examine the predictive contribution of stress and smoking to subjective health status.
2) Differences in the rate of reentry by subjective health status among men and among women are statistically significant at the 1 #NAME?
The subjective health status is taken as dependent variable in the model.
We evaluated subjective health status (excellent = 5, very good = 4, good = 3, mediocre = 2, very bad, = 1) and the presence of emotional distress (yes = 1, no = 0).
Subjective health status was reported on a five-point scale ranging from "poor" to "excellent.
The positive effects of this aerobic training were observed 2 months after surgery on cardiorespiratory fitness, subjective health status (Western Ontario and McMaster University [WOMAC]), and walking ability THA.
Study participants completed a questionnaire that included sociodemographic indicators (age, education, length of time since diagnosis, subjective health status, clinical status) as well as instruments designed to measure perceived stigma (personalized stigma, negative self-image, disclosure concerns, and public attitudes) using the perceived stigma scale and life satisfaction scale.
This paper presents evidence related to this thesis by comparing levels of life satisfaction, happiness, ability to manage financially and subjective health status among older people (aged 60 and over) living in Australia and urban China.
The health service measures that best predict subjective health status should be identifiable.
The SF-36 is increasingly being advocated as an appropriate subjective health status measure for use in a wide variety of settings.
Respondents were asked a standard subjective health status question: "How would you rate your overall health at present: excellent, good, fair or poor?

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