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perceived only by the affected individual and not by the examiner.
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1. Perceived only by the patient only and not evident to the examiner; said of certain symptoms, such as pain.
2. Colored by one's personal beliefs and attitudes. Compare: objective (2).
[L. subjectivus, fr. subjicio, to throw under]
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1. Psychology Not caused by external stimuli.
2. Medicine Of, relating to, or designating a symptom or complaint perceived by a patient.

sub·jec′tive·ly adv.
sub·jec′tive·ness, sub′jec·tiv′i·ty (sŭb′jĕk-tĭv′ĭ-tē) n.
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1. Perceived by the patient only and not evident to the examiner; said of certain symptoms, such as pain.
2. Colored by one's personal beliefs and attitudes.
Compare: objective (2)
[L. subjectivus, fr. subjicio, to throw under]
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1. Perceived only by patient and not evident to examiner.
2. Colored by personal beliefs and attitudes.
[L. subjectivus, fr. subjicio, to throw under]
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Patient discussion about subjective

Q. I need some advice on how to bring up the subject? How do I approach my doctor about depression? I believe that I’m depressed. I did some research and have found some symptoms of the depression match what I have. I go for days without sleep, and then sleep for more than 18 hours straight. My eating habits are all off. I have no hope for the future, I know I need help, but how do I bring this up? I have been too shy to do so before, and haven't told anyone how I feel. I need some advice on how to bring up the subject?

A. You did a very good job with what you said in your post. A++ and a couple of gold stars.

Just tell that to your doctor. Doctors usually have heard it all, so there is no reason to hold back. Just blurt it out. Get it out into the open. I seriously doubt your doctor's response will be negative. If its depression you have, your doctor can easily treat you. Medications can get you stabilized and life can get better with it. You would be very surprised if you only knew just how many people are really taking depression medication. It makes me smile every time I remember that. So many people are secretive about it. But there's no good reason for that. Lots and lots of people have gone through periods of depression. Abraham Lincoln was one of those people. You may find that you have gotten used to the "depressed you" and after taking medication for a couple of weeks, the "non-depressed you" will start to come back and it will seem a little strange. Others may notice a d

Q. what is the right diet for a diabetic people? where can i find guiding on the subject?

A. To be under control for Type2 diabetic persons is go away from carbs, fats, sweets, rise ...etc.and to get meals of rich garden salad and fruits, but not fruits contains glucose.Also to get used on daily exercises and the best is to have not less than 45 minutes walking at least 3 times per week.

Q. I’m doing a dissertation on alcoholism and I’m looking for recent books written on the subject? Looking for recent books written about alcoholism, need some up to date books with recent research on the subject. Does anyone recommend or know of any.

A. There is a recent true book called Mother's Ruin by Nicola Barry which is a bout alcoholism. And also the writer Augusten Burroughs writes a lot about alcohol Hope this helps.

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None of 130 candidates could qualify in the second subjective tests since they failed to secure 60 per cent aggregate marks required to pass each paper, according to an official notification.
Other factors also influence subjective value, such as how much money someone has recently gained or lost.
This study intends to disclose if CKD patients' subjective well-being, sense of humor, and anxiety, depression and stress are significant predictors of their subjective happiness, further influencing patients' disease management strategies and health status.
Presently, there are two main perspectives of well-being, that is psychological and subjective (or eudaemonic and hedonic); which are distinctive yet overlapping (Ryan and Deci, 2001).
Although consciousness emerges due to brain function and we experience our consciousness to be 'housed' in the brain, bodily feedback contributes significantly to a wide variety of subjective feelings.
De Vos and Soens (2008), stress that skill development, meanwhile, leads to perceived employability and subjective career success.
The OECD Guidelines on Measuring Subjective Well-Being, released in 2013, thus aimed to provide support for national statistical offices and other data producers in designing, collecting, publishing and analyzing subjective well-being data.
According to the goal theory of well-being (MacLeod, 2013; Wu, 2000; Yang, 2015), the realization of internal goals determines the degree of an individual's subjective well-being.
Compared with the subjective evaluation method, the objective evaluation method has a smaller error and more intuitive results.
Results revealed that academic performance is significantly negatively correlated with depression (r = -.230, n=300, p < .000), and significantly positively correlated with subjective happiness (r = .139, n=300, p < .016) and life satisfaction (r = .149, n=300, p < .010).
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