subhepatic abscess

sub·he·pat·ic ab·scess

an abscess located immediately beneath the liver.
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Regarding the postoperative morbidity and complications, 1 patient had intra-abdominal subhepatic abscess which was managed conservatively.
The major morbidities of LPC are bile leakage, remnant symptomatic gallstones, remnant cholecystitis, subphrenic or subhepatic abscess due to continuous drainage from the remnant mucosa, and need for reoperation.
19.###1 Operated duodenal perforation###(Missed) Subhepatic abscess IHD
Champlin, "Percutaneous removal of spilled gallstones in a subhepatic abscess," American Surgeon, vol.
In revealing MBD injuries in the nearest postoperative period on the background of peritonitis, subhepatic abscess, bile excreting, it is reasonable to perform only external drainage of the bile tracts.
In Gr-II, one patient developed subhepatic abscess which resolved after USG guided percutaneous aspiration.