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Inferior to the glottis.
Synonym(s): subglottic
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Airway management while allowing surgical access for idiopathic subglottic stenosis (ISGS) is a challenge for the anaesthetist and the ENT surgeon and mandates a team approach.
The inward tug of the Heimlich Maneuver causes a sudden increase of subglottic pressure, which simultaneously increases volume and elevates pitch.
It was not clear that whether subglottic stenosis was due to prolonged intubation or tracheostomy.
In addition, bacterial tracheitis, epiglottitis, peritonsillary abscess and retropharyngeal abscess, trauma, and subglottic hemangiomas may also lead to stridor.
The cuff pressure should be sufficient to prevent secretions that build up in the subglottic region from escaping into the lower airways.
Later, Battersby et al [4] concluded that there was no subglottic stenosis from proper use of endotracheal tubes (ET tube) for long-term intubation.
Its first 2cm from vocal cords to cricoid is called subglottic airway and one third of the trachea is extra thoracic.
His respiratory status continued to worsen, and his dose was gradually titrated to 27.5 mg weekly and switched to subcutaneous administration, which resulted in sufficient improvement of his respiratory symptoms and subglottic stenosis to eschew additional dilations.
A diagnostic laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy (DLB) procedure showed hemangiomas associated with the left tongue base and piriform sinus but no obstructing subglottic lesions.
However, constriction was observed in the subglottic region in the laryngoscopy performed by the otolaryngologist (Figure 3).
During the current presentation, fiber optic endoscopy showed bilateral mobile vocal cords and narrow infraglottic trachea with a right-sided subglottic mass.
She was observed in otolaryngology consultation at a central hospital: the chest radiograph showed the steeple sign (Figure 1) and the bronchofibroscopy revealed a pleated and hardened supraglottic mucosa and subglottic stenosis.