subgingival plaque

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sub·gin·gi·val plaque

(sŭb-jinji-văl plak)
Plaque on teeth below the gingival margin in gingival crevice and periodontal pockets.
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The destruction process of dental support tissues is explained by the activation of the innate cells (neutrophils and macrophages) by the use of the TLRs, mainly the TLR4, to recognize the LPS of predominant gram-negative anaerobic microorganisms in the subgingival plaque and is going to promote the transcription of inflammatory cytosine via NF-kB.
pylori in 11/29 (38%) subgingival plaques of patients with chronic periodontitis.
The most prevalent genotypes in these patients, both in the sample from subgingival plaque and strains found in blood, was fimA II, which agrees with that found by Enersen et al.
Pooled subgingival plaque samples were taken from primary canines and molars as well as permanent molars, by inserting sterile paper points into the deepest pockets of these teeth and allowing them to remain for 10 sec.
Difference in periodontal disease associated microorganisms of subgingival plaque in prepubertal and post pubertal children J.
My work has established a correlation between the presence of disease and the presence of archaeal DNA, the severity of periodontal disease and the relative abundance of archaeal DNA in subgingival plaque. Although oral archaeal diversity is severely limited phylogenetic analysis of the two rDNA phylotypes deomonstrates that they were distinct from the previously isolated Methanobrevibacter oralis.
Any irregularities such as root anatomy, incorrect subgingival margins of restoration will lead to accumulation of bacteria in the gingival ditch epithelium and encouraging development of subgingival plaque (Matthews & Tabesh, 2004).
2- Sampling: After removal of supragingival plaque by means of sterile cotton balls, subgingival plaque was collected on Gracey curette inserted to the depth of the periodontal.