subgingival irrigation

sub·gin·gi·val ir·ri·ga·tion

(sŭb-jinji-văl iri-gāshŭn)
Point of delivery of irrigation is placed in a sulcus or pocket and may reach the apical border.
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Position paper: the role of supra-and subgingival irrigation in the treatment of periodontal diseases.
Some techniques for applying antimicrobial subgingivally, such as subgingival irrigation, involve local delivery but not controlled release.
Each group was then assigned to a self-care routine consisting of either routine oral hygiene only or routine oral hygiene plus twice daily water irrigation with the Pik Pocket[R] subgingival irrigation tip.
The discussion of non-surgical approaches goes beyond mechanical debridement to include subgingival irrigation, systemic antibiotics and locally delivered antibiotics.