1. Partially neutralized gallic acid.
2. A basic gallate, such as bismuth subgallate.
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(22.) Tramontina VA, Machado MA, Nogueira Filho Gda R, Kim SH, Vizzioli MR, Toledo S, Effect of bismuth subgallate (local hemostatic agent) on wound healing in rats, Histological and histometric findings.
In this work the efficacy of thermal sterilization for bismuth subgallate was spectroscopically checked.
This ointment contains zinc oxide, calamine, bismuth subnitrate, resorcinol, juniper tar, and bismuth subgallate, which are (except for echinacea) the same ingredients as Pellitol in a slightly different formula.
Devrom tablets containing bismuth subgallate have helped many SatEvePost readers with embarrassing bowel odor.
Bismuth subgallate (Devrom) tablets act as an internal deodorant to eliminate odor in ostomy bags and also helps halitosis in many who write to us.
* An impressively low rate of postoperative hemorrhage following the use of bismuth subgallate to achieve hemostasis was reported by Maniglia et al.
6,232,341 B1: Researchers for Hedonist Biochemical Technology, Taipei, Taiwan, have patented a topical pharmaceutical composition with borneol and bismuth subgallate to prevent skin scarring and granulation.
The SatEvePost has published many letters from readers who successfully eliminate flatulence odor with pills containing bismuth subgallate. Available without a prescription, bismuth subgallate acts as an internal deodorant by absorbing odor-causing volatile sulfur compounds in the gastrointestinal tract.
Bismuth subgallate pills called Devrom Chewables are sold by the American Foundation for Preventive Medicine in Indianapolis.
Bismuth subgallate, the active ingredient of a number of over-the-counter preparations, has long been used for a variety of gastrointestinal problems.
SerVaas: Have you ever tried bismuth subgallate instead of Pepto-Bismol?