subdural abscess

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subdural empyema

An acute bacterial infection of the meninges, which is most common in infants with coliform (gram-negative rod) infections or with group-B streptococcal meningitis.
Clinical findings
Treatment-refractory seizures, motor defects.

Surgical evacuation.

subdural abscess

An abscess beneath the dura of the brain or spinal cord.
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Ultrasound diagnosis of subdural abscess complicating meningitis.
Extracranial complications of acute otomastoiditis include mastoiditis with bone destruction, subperiosteal abscess, petrositis, facial nerve paralysis, and labyrinthitis; intracranial complications include meningitis, perisinus abscess, brain abscess, subdural abscess, extradural abscess, lateral sinus thrombosis or thrombophlebitis, and otitic hydrocephalus.
Various complications can occur, these are meningitis, brain abscess, extradural abscess, subdural abscess, lateral sinus thrombophlebitis and otitic hydrocephalus (4).Infection from the tympanomastoid can spread through direct bone erosion, septic embolization, normal anatomic pathways and preformed pathways.
The most common intracranial complication was meningitis; others were epidural abscess, subdural abscess, intracerebral abscess, Pott's puffy tumor, and superior sagittal sinus thrombosis.