subcutaneous infusion

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1. the steeping of a substance in water to obtain its soluble principles.
2. the product obtained by this process.
3. the slow therapeutic introduction of fluid other than blood into a vein.
intravenous infusion see intravenous infusion.
subcutaneous infusion hypodermoclysis.
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subcutaneous infusion

The infusion of solutions into the subcutaneous space.
See also: infusion
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Efficacy and safety of long term treatment of unresponsive hypoparathyroidism using multipulse subcutaneous infusion of teriparatide.
Remodulin may be administered as a continuous subcutaneous infusion or continuous intravenous infusion; however, because of the risks associated with chronic indwelling central venous catheters, including serious blood stream infections, continuous intravenous infusion should be reserved for patients who are intolerant of the subcutaneous route, or in whom these risks are considered warranted.
For patients receiving rapid-acting insulin via computerised subcutaneous infusion the best approach is unclear (9).
The study is a follow-up to a 1-year, randomized, open-label, phase II trial that evaluated the safety and tolerability of deferasirox, given once daily as a dispersed solution in water, versus those of deferoxamine, given as a subcutaneous infusion over 8-12 hours using an infusion pump 5-7 days per week, in adults and children with sickle cell disease.
DIO-901 (very low dose glucagon) is in development for the prevention of insulin-induced hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes mellitus in an extended release subcutaneous formulation and as a convenient continuous subcutaneous infusion. DIO-901 has received Fast Track status from the FDA.
-- Collaborated with Halozyme Therapeutics in the clinical and commercial development of Hylenex, a liquid injectable formulation of recombinant human hyaluronidase that can simplify the delivery of medications and fluids through the use of subcutaneous infusion.
The total daily dosage of terbutaline was 5.5 times lower with continuous subcutaneous infusion than with oral treatment.
Stibe CMH, Lees AJ, Stern GM: Subcutaneous infusion of apomorphine and lisuride in the treatment of parkinsonian on-off fluctuations.
Since 1992, terminally ill patients in DNH De Bieslandhof, Delft, The Netherlands, can be given morphine by continuous subcutaneous infusion by syringe driver for the relief of pain and distress.
ALSO HIGHER: Valeritas (VLRX), up 16% after announcing results from a preclinical pharmacokinetic study of cannabidiol, or CBD, subcutaneous infusion with two dosing regimens delivered via its h-Patch wearable drug delivery device.
Valeritas said subcutaneous infusion of CBD via the h-Patch vests several advantages including:

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