subconscious memory

sub·con·scious mem·o·ry

information not immediately available for recall.
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You see, there are two kinds of memory-conscious memory, and unconscious or subconscious memory.
He said that effect probably isn't purely psychological, saying the ritual of taking a medication may trigger some subconscious memory that could leave people feeling better even if they knew they'd taken a fake drug.
Perhaps it is the subconscious memory of the days of Cromwell or just a British aversion to upstarts, but UK politics shies away from direct elections of individuals to positions of executive power.
What is the path from the official narrative of history to subconscious memory and understanding?
Over dependence on this cable not only apprises us about the ways and words of Indian prayers/"Pooja" but the periodic screening of such activities also leaves a never ending imprint in our subconscious memory whereby we find ourselves occasionally singing the same forbidden tunes.
This must be an expression of subconscious memory by the designer.
Referring extensively to the works of the pre-confession Grass himself, one scholar speculates that "subconscious memory imprints of National Socialism ...
HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE - when the subject has had a traumatic childhood experience that has been consigned to the subconscious memory and disguised in a different form: a cruel beating, for example, may be transformed into a 'memory' of a past life as a slave being whipped.