subconjunctival hemorrhage

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subconjunctival hemorrhage

Ophthalmology A bright hemorrhagic patch on the bulbar conjunctiva caused by rupture and bleeding of a superficial small capillary, due to ↑ pressure–eg, violent sneezing or coughing; SHs occur in newborns as a bright red sickle-shaped hemorrhage at the margin of the cornea and conjunctiva, attributed to abrupt pressure changes over the infant's body during delivery
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subconjunctival hemorrhage

Rupture of the superficial capillaries with associated hemorrhage into the subconjunctival space.


Subconjunctival hemorrhage can result from blunt trauma to the eye or from increased intracranial or intraocular pressure.


Patients have visible bleeding between the sclera and the conjunctiva.


A subconjunctival hemorrhage normally resolves within 1 to 7 days.

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(b) After surgery, the subconjunctival hemorrhage was not observed.
The mechanism of the varied ophthalmic manifestation of dengue fever ranging from subconjunctival hemorrhage to optic neuritis is not well known but indicative of an immune mediated process and possibly infective etiology.
The emergency room records indicated that an examination of the patient's eye revealed a "large subconjunctival hemorrhage, which means there was blood in the white part of the eye and it extended medially and laterally, so it was found on both sides of the pupil.
There was no statistically significant difference in overall complications and subconjunctival hemorrhage between bevacizumab group and control group, showing the safety of bevacizumab.
He consulted a local ophthalmologist and was diagnosed with subconjunctival hemorrhage. No treatment was applied and he was recommended to refrain from diving again as he had a history of repeated instances of subconjunctival hemorrhage.
Postoperatively graft edema occurred in 100% of cases, subconjunctival hemorrhage in 2.5% of cases, tenon's granuloma in 5%, graft rejection in 5% of cases, graft retraction was found in 5% of cases and papillary conjunctivitis in 2.5% of cases.
Objective: To determine associated conditions, gender distribution and location of subconjunctival hemorrhage (SCH).
ND infections usually cause unilateral or bilateral reddening and edema of the eyelids, excessive lacrimation, conjunctivitis, and subconjunctival hemorrhage. ND infections are usually transient with no corneal involvement (9); however, severe complications leading to lasting vision impairment have been described (10).
-- A subconjunctival hemorrhage was the only pediatric adverse event reported for ophthalmic moxifloxacin during a recent 10-month period, Dr.
The last category's presentations were further stratified into the following subcategories for more detailed analysis: subconjunctival hemorrhage, conjunctivitis, keratitis, eyelid-related disorders, and contact lens-related disorders.
Second, although there is no serious complication due to intravitreal bevacizumab administration, subconjunctival hemorrhage is common and becomes an issue for consideration in diabetes mellitus cases.
One patient (9%) from the fibrin group experienced subconjunctival hemorrhage and 1 patient (9%) from the suture group experienced partial graft dehiscence.