subclavius (muscle)

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sub·cla·vi·us (mus·cle)

thoracoappendicular muscle; origin, first costal cartilage; insertion, inferior surface of acromial end of clavicle; action, fixes clavicle or elevates first rib; nerve supply, subclavian from brachial plexus.
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External compression of the vein may be caused by hypertrophy of the subclavian muscle tendon or anterior scalene muscle, cervical ribs, first rib, or callus of the clavicle from an old fracture.
Rosati and Lord (15) added claviculectomy to anterior exploration, scalenotomy, resection of the cervical rib (when one was present), and section of the pectoralis minor and subclavian muscles as well as of the costoclavicular membrane.