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Beneath any base or basal membrane.
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The increase in Langerhans cells in the subbasal plexus continued (Figure 3).
In particular, we explore the placement of the genus Parobisium, currently assigned to the subfamily Neobisiinae, since species in this genus have reduced galea but also have trichobothrium ist placed in a subbasal position (Chamberlin 1930).
"The subbasal nerves are very sensitive to damage, and you see a loss of these in people and animals with diabetes," explained Baltrusch.
The result is a motion-corrected image of the subbasal nerve plexus reconstructed from each depth scan [18].
In this study, we report a rare case of corneal epithelial defects that occurred on the following day of a trigeminal nerve block for postherpetic neuralgia, and the process of loss and regeneration of the corneal subbasal nerve fibers was observed using the Rostock Cornea Module of the Heidelberg Retina Tomograph II (RCM HRT II, Heidelberg Engineering, Carlsbad, CA).
After penetration, subepithelial stromal nerve fibers with Schwann cells branch naked subbasal leash fibers [7, 8].
Forewing ground color white; costal margin smooth, brown; barely falcate at apex; subbasal fascia gray and weakly marked; antemedial fascia light color and broad; medial fascia dark color and rather broad; postmedial fascia dark color, broad and slight excurved in middle; subterminal fascia slender, grayish brown; cilia short, grayish white.
Ademas de la revision de las especies de Frankliniella con un borde subbasal en el pedicelo III bien desarrollado y angular, se incluyen las especies de las regiones del Caribe, America Central y Mexico.
Image J 1.45 (provided program from National Institutes of Health) was used to create stacked images and calculate the corneal nerve density for the subbasal nerve branches of normal, diabetic, and rhIGF1-treated mice.
5B): One pair of apical setae, one pair of strongly developed subbasal setae, 2/3 the length of apical setae.
The following trichobothria abbreviations are employed (Figure 9): eb: external basal; esb: external subbasal; ib: internal basal; isb: internal subbasal; ist: internal subterminal; est: external subterminal; it: internal terminal; et: external terminal; t: terminal; sb: subbasal; st: subterminal.