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Beneath any base or basal membrane.
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Eyes large of winged forms, often surpassing dorsal margin of head in lateral view; beginning of postero-ventral series of fore femur inserted near base of the segment; hemelytron with two or three cells (discal, subbasal and basal cells); hind wings with m-cu well developed (Fig.
Forewing ground color white; costal margin smooth, dark brown; barely falcated at apex; subbasal fascia gray and weakly marked; antemedial fascia light color and broad; medial fascia dark color and very broad; postmedial fascia dark color, broad and slight excurved in middle; subterminal fascia slender,; cilia medium-long, dark gray.
Por su parte, el grupo tritici comprende a las especies con un borde subbasal bien desarrollado e incluye a las especies del grupo cubensis y tritici segun la caracterizacion de Sakimura (1986).
Scutellum: One pair of apical setae, one pair of equally strongly developed subbasal setae.
Las semillas son reniformes con un hilum pequeno (25 [my]m), ventral subbasal (Fig.
17); 4) legs with dorsal blackish marks on femora, tibiae with basal and subapical blackish bands, tarsi with subbasal blackish band (Figs.
2) Hind wing dorsal surface with structurally coloured distinct submarginal lunules in spaces between veins CuA and CuA2; ventral hind wing abdominal fold black without pattern in basal and subbasal areas (Venezuela) (Figs.
Male pedipalp with slender and hirsute cymbium without sensory setae; paracymbium elongate, in subbasal position and frequently with secondary sclerotizations or lobes (Figs.
3) pale brown except coxae and trochanters dark brown, hindfemur dark brown except base and extreme apex paler, hindtibia with subbasal, small dorsal dark spot; base of fore and midfemora brown (more evident on midleg), midtibia with subbasal, very small dark spot; femora and tibia with appresed striated brown scales; ventral palisade setae on tarsomeres 1-3 in all legs; hindtibial spur yellowish, length slightly shorter than width of hindtibia at midlength; hindtibial comb with two rows of spines, apical row with 8-9 spines, subapical row with 12-13 spines; prothoracic TR 0.
The LASIK procedure severs corneal nerves in the subbasal nerve plexus where most of the corneal nerves reside.
Although at other time points DDE did not raise ERK activation levels above basal, the addition of inhibitors nevertheless did lower activity to subbasal levels (all at 3 min; AG 14, PP2, and Ly at 15 min).