subarachnoid cisterns

sub·ar·ach·noid cis·terns

widening portions of the subarachnoid space within the cranium where the arachnoid bridges over a depression on the surface of the brain; also present in the spinal cord as the lumbar cistern.
Synonym(s): cisternae subarachnoideae [TA]
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Extra-axial Spaces and Subarachnoid Cisterns. In: A.G.
Pan-amoebic meningoencephalitis primarily affects the base of brain and basilar subarachnoid cisterns, and because one of the hallmarks of diffuse cerebral oedema is effacement of the basilar cisterns.10
Computerized tomography was repeated and intraventricular fresh hemorrhage was found in occipital horns but not in subarachnoid cisterns (Figure 2).